Our recent reviews

” I used Flour City Estate Sales to help me sell my household items before my move and they did an amazing job. I contacted them with a very short time frame and they were very accommodating. They came and looked at all the items and set up the sale dates. They arranged everything. I didn’t have to do anything other than let them know what was available. The sale was very well organized and very well promoted. It went better than I expected. In addition, items that were not sold, I wanted to donate and they took care of all the logistics for that also.
I would highly recommend Flour City Estate Sales to anyone. ”
Gus C.- December 2016

” We used Flour City Estate sales when my mom went into an assisted living facility. He did a fantastic job and compared to other companies I interviewed was definitely the best price out there. Most companies didn’t even want to be bothered. Greg took all the stress out of getting the items priced, organized and running a two day sale. My family was amazed at how much money we actually got for the items that were left in the house. I would recommend this company to anyone who is dealing with taking care of an estate. Thank you Greg for all your hard work! ”
Judy C. – February 2017

” I hired Greg to sell my Dad’s belongings and I am very pleased with the results. Greg works very hard to get everything set up in a organized way – and prices accordingly. I would definitely hire Greg again – when I am ready to move. I highly recommend Flour City Estate Sales! ”
Lynn K. – April 2017

” Thank you so much for all your hard work, I know it was a little overwhelming. You have no idea what this means, and how much less stressful things should be from this point on. Maybe I can get the chance to properly grieve my mom’s death. It’s been hard and the fact you were so nice, professional, and caring made this process a lot easier, and for that I am truly grateful. ”
Debbie – May 2017